Smoak's Mega Arsenal (2024)

Have you looked at Red Dead Redemption 2's weapon options and thought; "Man, I wish there were several unnecessary variants available to buy!" Worry not, you silly bitch! This mod is the answer to your overly specific dilemma.

This mod adds over 200 new weapons to the game, well, I say new, but they’re just variants of other guns. You get the gist.

This is a modified version ofMore Pretty GunbyAnRanWuShi, as well as using a small amount of code belonging towickedhorseman. Credit goes to those two, as well asDare To Gameon YouTube for the designs of many of the factory finish variants. Other weapon variants come from movies or games, from Moth-Man0907, Swoopy, or Caper.

If the original authors want to talk about this mod, dm me on discord [@LittleBigSmoak], and we'll chat about it.

If the mod doesn't work for you [Crashing, Weapons not spawning in, etc.] 9 times out of 10 you didn't install it correctly. Install it how this page tells you to, or how the attached file tells you to. Do not assume you know better, don't assume it will be fine to have a file be below this one in the ModManager load order unless there are ZERO conflicts. I'm not going to be running tech support here, this is all you'll get.

Feel free to send in your own screenshots! I look forward to seeing them!


-Over 200 weapons added in

-If a gang member drops their gun, you can just steal it, what's their bitch ass gonna do about it?

-Red Dead Online exclusive weapons are included

-Weapons unlock as you progress in the story

-Compatible withPardon Letters Restored-Now semi-functional!

-You are

NOT given the weapons for free, you have to own at least one version of the original, THEN the other ones unlock at the fence.[Installation Instructions]




- Set the game's rendering system to

[Not doing this risks a lot of crashing!]

- Download

Lenny's Mod Loader
LML []

- Download Scripthook
Scripthook []

- Download either Online Content Unlocker or

Online Content Unlocker []
Version.dll []

- Download

Red Dead Offline and the WhyEM's DLC RDO merge [They have important files this mod uses!]
Red Dead Offline []
WhyEM's DLC (Red Dead Offline Merge) []

- Place the Lenny's Mod Loader files in your game directory (The place where RDR2.exe is stored!)

- Place the Scripthook files in the game directory, like how you did with the LML files

- If you downloaded the

Online Content Unlocker, place it in your LML folder

- If you downloaded Version.dll, place it in your game directory with the Scripthook files

- Place Red Dead Offline's files inside the LML folder

- Place the WhyEM's DLC RDO merge files in the LML folder, when prompted, replace everything it asks you to.


- Download ONE version of Smoak's Mega Arsenal
[As in download the Standard version, the Apocryth Maverick Cut, or the Lite version.]

-Unzip the folder, and pick between either the DEFAULT VERSION or the LASSO ON BELT VERSION [YOU ONLY NEED ONE!]
[The LassoOnBelt file makes it so you can have your lasso on your belt, like how you could in the first Red Dead Redemption.]

-Unzip the one you want and put the Smoaks_Mega_Arsenal file in your

LML folder.

- Go to the LML mod manager and set this mod at the bottom of the load order. [IF IT IS NOT BELOW ANY OTHER MODS THAT EDIT WEAPONS, THIS MOD

[This includes keeping it below Red Dead Offline, below WhyEM's DLC, below Maverick guns, EVERYTHING!]
[This is due to the fact that the lower on the list an item is, the higher priority it has when being loaded in.]

- Do NOT delete random files from this, it will break parts of the mod!

- Do

NOT fiddle with the files unless you know exactly what you're doing!

- I am not responsible for incorrect installations, crashes, or anything akin to that.

9 times out of 10 you likely didn't install the files correctly.

- Note, the weapons are not broken if they don't all show up at the fence.

You need at least one copy of the original gun before the variants unlock at the fence.
[The weapons unlock as you progress the story. The Navy Revolver and Improved Bow unlock in Chapter 3, while the Elephant Rifle unlocks in Chapter 4. If you give yourself the base weapons using the rampage trainer, it also unlocks all the variants at the fence as far as I know.]


- Variants may show up as missing parts when looking through the customization menu at the gunsmith. This just means you have to buy the gun from the fence.

- Buying absolutely everything has a risk of preventing you from saving due to engine limitations, this includes the clothing the mod also adds.

- The Hero Pearl Grip tends to be pure white instead of having the gold trim it's supposed to have. I do not know how to fix this.

- Aiming some Sawed-Off Shotgun variants while on horseback uses the wrong animation sets.
[Using the Double-Barreled Shotgun animations instead of the Sawed-Off Shotgun animations.]
[Only happens when aiming one, getting off the horse or dual-wielding uses the correct animations.]

- There is a rare bug where some Double-Barreled Shotgun variants change their model to a playing card.
[I don't know what causes this, nor how to fix it. Stowing it on your horse then taking it back seems to reset back to the proper model.]

- Throwing Javier's throwing knife will not allow you to pick it back up in some situations. I do not know how to fix this.

- Some weapons don't show up at the customization menu at the gunsmith. I don't know how to fix this, the only solution I have is to either delete the gun and re-buy it to customize it, or to just customize it when you initially buy it. Currently I've mainly noticed it happen with the doubleaction revolvers, but it may happen with more of them so just keep your eyes open for that.Another solution is to temporarily disable this mod, get all the guns you want and then re-enable this one.

* Listed costs do not reflect honor-related discounts

200 new weapons added in!
[This list accounts only for weapons added/modified by this mod]1 lantern
1 throwing knife
22 knives
=====[ 93 Sidearms ]=====
[20 Cattleman Revolvers]
[13 Double-Action Revolvers]
[18 Schofield Revolvers]
[6 LeMat Revolvers]
[11 Navy Revolvers]
[4 Volcanic Pistols]
[5 Mauser Pistols]
[4 Semi-automatic Pistols]
[4 M1899 Pistols]
[8 Sawed-Off Shotguns]
=====[ 92 Longarms ]=====
[6 Carbine Repeaters]
[9 Lancaster Repeaters]
[5 Litchfield Repeaters]
[5 Evans Repeaters]
[5 Springfield Rifles]
[6 Bolt Action Rifles]
[4 Varmint Rifles]
[8 Carcano Rifles]
[6 Rolling Block Rifles]
[9 Double-Barreled Shotguns]
[5 Semi-auto Shotguns]
[6 Repeating Shotguns]
[6 Pump-Action Shotguns]
[5 Elephant Rifles]
[1 Bow]
[6 Improved Bows]

==================== [ KNIVES ] ====================

Arthur’s Knife
The only thing more dangerous than Arthur Morgan, was Arthur Morgan with a knife.
Cost: $100.00Bill’s Knife
Standard-issue army knife, primarily made for combat.
Cost: $100.00Cleet’s Knife
A knife made for quick kills, complete with a guard on the grip to protect the user’s fingers.
Cost: $110.00Charles’ Knife
A knife made specifically for hunting, although it isn’t too picky about what kind of flesh you dig it into.
Cost: $130.00Dante's Knife
Almost too pretty to get dirty. ..Almost.
Cost: $175.00Davey’s Knife
Rusted and worn from years of poor maintenance ensures a side of tetanus if your victim somehow survives a knife to the chest.
Cost: $115.00Dutch's Knife
You’d think it would be just for show, but it’s still quite effective.
Cost: $100.00Factory Finish Hunting Knife
An all-purpose Bowie knife with a sharp clip-point blade, steel crossguard, and sturdy wooden handle.
Cost: $50.00Gunslinger Hunting Knife
A shiny knife, ready to be painted red at a moment's notice.
Cost: $50.00Hosea's Knife
An old hunting knife made to cut into tough game meat.
Cost: $105.00Javier's Knife
An ornate knife, as deadly as it is beautiful.
Cost: $110.00Jenny’s Knife
This isn’t your average bread-slicer, unless you consider someone’s throat bread.
Cost: $120.00Joe’s Knife
An old knife passed down from one degenerate to the other.
Cost: $115.00John's Knife
Useful for quietly taking down a target without alerting their friends, skinning your prey after a long day of wilderness hunting, or fighting off wolves on a snowy mountainside
Cost: $120.00Kieran's Knife
A great knife for gutting fish, -or people too, I guess.
Cost: $100.00Lenny's Knife
Five finger filet isn’t all this sharp blade’s good for!
Cost: $100.00Mac’s Knife
A deranged killer’s best friend.
Cost: $115.00Micah's Knife
An easily-concealable knife just in case you need to make any quick and cheap stabbings along the way.
Cost: $100.00Pearson’s Knife
This knife is perfect for cutting flesh and separating tendons, works as advertised on both people and animals.
Cost: $120.00

Sadie's Knife

If there ever was a knife made with the sole purpose to kill O’Driscolls, this would be it.
Cost: $110.00Sean's Knife
“I can’t wait to slit some poor bastard’s throat!” - Sean MacGuire
Cost: $100.00Uncle's Knife
Running around slashing at people is no job for a man with terminal lumbago, so maybe you’ll put this to better use?
Cost: $120.00

==================== [ MISCELLANEOUS ] ====================

Javier's Throwing Knife
One time use, so make it count. [Seriously, you can only use this once and for some reason can never pick it up again.]
Cost: $50.00Old Lantern
Old yet reliable, it still lights up any path it needs to.
Cost: $25.00

==================== [ SIDEARMS ] ====================

========== [ CATTLEMAN REVOLVERS ] ==========André's Revolver
A legendary revolver belonging to a helpful stranger.
Cost: $450.00Blood Money
"As my late father pointed out to me more than once - God Made Men, but Samuel Colt made em' Equal."
Cost: $500.00Colton's Revolver
"So long, Major. Give the Devil my regards."
Cost: $550.00Factory Finish Cattleman Revolver
Rugged six-gun known by many names. Easy to handle, accurate, and packs a punch.
Cost: $50.00Golden Cattleman Revolver
A golden gun fitting for a speci8al gunslinger. Every kill gains you a little more fame. Too bad fame doesn’t mean much in this economy.
Cost: $600.00Gunslinger Cattleman Revolver
You can find this classic piece on any hip from Tumbleweed to Saint Denis. (RDR1 Cattleman Revolver)
Cost: $50.00Hosea’s Revolver
An old gun with baroque engravings, fitting for an old man like Hosea.
Cost: $200.00Hosea’s Gilded Revolver
An intricate revolver belonging to Hosea Matthews, ensuring you’re reminded to be careful around an old man in a profession where men die young.
Cost: $600.00John’s Revolver
A simple gun for a man with a not-so-simple life.
Cost: $400.00John’s Gilded Revolver
The kind of gun John would want, but would probably be too afraid to use in case someone steals it.
Cost: $600.00Kieran’s Revolver
A revolver belonging to Kieran Duffy, a poor bastard caught up in a bad situation.
Cost: $100.00Kieran’s Gilded Revolver
Kieran’s special revolver, he did say he was a great fisherman.
Cost: $550.00Lenny's Revolver
Young Lenny's sidearm, not a little kid's toy gun.
Cost: $100.00Lenny's Gilded Revolver
Lenny’s fancy revolver, usually used when robbing fancy targets.
Cost: $550.00Lucius’ Revolver
A cold, icy gun to contrast the previous owner’s kind nature
Cost: $550.00Sadie’s Revolver
Mrs. Adlers' gun, it's nearly just as bloodthirsty as she is. Nearly.
Cost: $500.00Sean’s Revolver
Sean’s gun, it's surprisingly clean for an outlaw like him.
Cost: $100.00Sean’s Gilded Revolver
You don't have to be literate to be able to appreciate the beauty of this revolver.
Cost: $575.00Whitchurch Revolver
Those you kill will soon be fertilizer for the flowers.
Cost: $400.00

========== [ DOUBLE-ACTION REVOLVERS ] ==========

Algernon’s Revolver
What it lacks in power, it makes up for in flashy metals and engravings. A mirror image of its previous owner.
Cost: $650.00Cleet’s Revolver
A sniveling little rat’s peashooter.
Cost: $75.00Clementine’s Revolver
An easy-to-hold grip and a double-action hammer makes this an easy revolver to use, especially if you lack experience with them.
Cost: $500.00Davey’s Revolver
A Double-Action revolver with a mean streak to make even the most experienced outlaws blush.
Cost: $325.00Factory Finish Double-Action Revolver
A fast firing revolver, and the pistol choice of many professional shooters.
Cost: $65.00Gunslinger Double-Action Revolver
A trusty double-action revolver, fit to help you overthrow the Mexican government. (RDR1 Double-Action Revolver, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $300.00Javier’s Revolver
An intricate gun fit for an equally intricate man like Javier.
Cost: $600.00Karen’s Revolver
A scam artist's sleek and trusty gun. Good for getting out of sticky situations. Just don’t ask where she’s hiding it.
Cost: $100.00

Micah’s Revolver
A gun just about as evil as its previous owner. The only difference being that you want this gun on your side.
Cost: $600.00Micah's Gilded Revolver
A version of Micah’s revolver, if it had just come fresh from the gunsmith he had just finished robbing.
Cost: $666.00Rango
I tip my hat to you.. One legend to another.
Cost: $434.00Slingar’s Firecracker
A novelty piece that belongs to the character Sindel Slingar, from an old fairytale involving a thief and a gunslinger trying to make it big in an empire of fire.
Cost: $130.00Tango
Perfect for blowing the ugly right off someone's face.
Cost: $343.00Trelawny’s Revolver
Trelawny's striking gun, it’s sure to protect him if he can’t magic his way out of a situation.
Cost: $127.00

========== [ SCHOFIELD REVOLVERS ] ==========

Arthur’s Revolver
A powerful revolver for a powerful man, simple yet effective too.
Cost: $400.00Arthur’s Gilded Revolver
A bit flashy, but absolutely beautiful regardless.
Cost: $550.00Bill’s Revolver
A poorly-maintained revolver belonging to a former soldier.
Cost: $500.00Bill’s Gilded Revolver
The perfect revolver for a bisexual alcoholic.
Cost: $600.00Black Belle’s Revolver
If you’ve been on the run nearly as long as she has, you might as well make your revolver be a trophy for whoever finally catches you.
Cost $550.00Dakota’s Revolver
The infamous pirate queen’s pistol, gifted by a bounty hunter.
Cost: $600.00Dutch's Revolver
An ornate revolver belonging to an outlaw who desperately wanted to be an American king.
Cost: $600.00Gunslinger Schofield Revolver
"See if this Schofield makes a difference. Now that's a real gun." -Landon Ricketts (RDR1 Schofield Revolver)
Cost: $192.00Uncle’s Revolver
A legendary revolver belonging to the ‘One-Shot Kid’.
Cost: $250.00Factory Finish Schofield Revolver
An accurate revolver with high power, making a good choice for any serious gunslinger.
Cost: $84.00Francis’ Revolver
A special revolver made for a legendary monster hunter.
Cost: $550.00Millie’s Revolver
Legend has it the previous owner of this revolver was a nun, and each bullet was automatically blessed upon firing them at the unrighteous.
Cost: $777.00Noble Revolver
A flashy yet efficient revolver, meant for noble gunslingers.
Cost: $500.00O’Malley’s Revolver
A legendary (and cursed) revolver forged by the hand of death itself.
Cost: $666.00Ricketts’ Revolver
A very ornate revolver used by Landon Ricketts back when he was a famous gunslinger.
Cost: $900.00Silas' Revolver
A gun meant for hunters looking to stagger something a bit bigger than a deer, it's sure to undo you.
Cost: $100.00Splinter
A revolver of unknown origin, made to look flashy yet intimidating.
Cost: $400.00Vengeance
Formerly belonging to the legendary bounty hunter Silas Greaves, this quickshooter is bound to punch holes into anyone you duel.
Cost: $550.00
========== [ LEMAT REVOLVERS ] ==========
Lovingly named after a woman and graced with an intricate design, Evelyns were adored by Cainhurst knights and gunslingers alike.
Cost: $425.00Factory Finish LeMat Revolver
Re-tooled classic cavalry weapon. Chambers more bullets than most revolvers. Fires faster thanks to precision retrofitting.
Cost: $172.00Gunslinger LeMat Revolver
Nine shots, plus a tenth shotgun barrel shot in case your target somehow survived the first nine. (RDR1 LeMat Revolver, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $313.00Mac’s Revolver
A volatile revolver for an angry drunkard, 10 shots total including the under-barrel shotgun.
Cost: $317.00Sam’s Revolver
A legendary LeMat revolver formerly belonging to a great artist.
Cost: $320.00Ibrahima
This ultimate showstopper isn't just a gun, it's a .42 caliber statement.
Cost: $550.00========== [ NAVY REVOLVERS ] ==========Cain’s Revolver
Not much is known about the previous owner, other than the fact that they loved all things shiny.
Cost: $600.00Dante's Revolver
A powerful revolver belonging to a legendary bounty hunter; The Hatchetman. This custom made revolver is as loud as it is powerful, said to even outclass some shotguns.
Cost: $600.00Django’s Revolver
“The ‘D’ is silent, hillbilly.” - Django Freeman
Cost: $550.00Factory Finish Navy Revolver
There exists no mammal nor revenue agent capable of outrunning this classic pistol.
Cost: $275.00Gunter’s Ranger
There exists no mammal nor revenue agent capable of outrunning this classic pistol.
Cost: $315.00Pearson’s Revolver
A sailor’s gun, it's old and rusted but it has no problem coming out of retirement.
Cost: $325.00Smoak’s Revolver
The revolver of a designer, a quick draw in both regards.
Cost: $600.00Scorpion Revolver
A gun owned by an old western legend. It can mow down crowds of bandits like wildfire, just don't burn yourself in the process. (Red Dead Revolver.. Revolver.)
Cost: $600.00Legendary Revolver
An engraved gun owned by an unknown legend.
Cost: $600.00Gunslinger Walker Revolver
Famous among dentists and bandits alike, this classic revolver is great for turning brains into mush.
Cost: $600.00Vendetta
Ideas may be bulletproof, but people aren't, this gun is proof enough.
Cost: $575.00

========== [ VOLCANIC PISTOLS ] ==========

Factory Finish Volcanic Pistol
Older model lever action pistol. Holds more rounds than your run-of-the mill six-shooter.
Cost: $150.00Gunslinger Volcanic Pistol
An old fashioned volcanic pistol, it has a kick but it hits hard. (RDR1 Volcanic Pistol)
Cost: $150.00Jenny’s Pistol
A wild pistol for a wild girl, her life may have been cut short, but that won’t stop you from cutting others’ down too with this special pistol.
Cost: $217.00Skip’s Pistol
Trusty yet stylized rather unusually, those at the end of the barrel often wonder where the patterns come from. Well, before, y’know.
Cost: $350.00

========== [ MAUSER PISTOLS ] ==========

Aztec Mauser
A collector’s item for sure, this pistol looks as if it belongs in some catacombs.
Cost: $700.00Factory Finish Mauser Pistol
Fully automatic German pistol. Chambers some very powerful ammunition, and a lot of it. Hold the trigger for rapid fire.
Cost: $250.00Gunslinger Mauser Pistol
This ain't your average farmhand's pistol. (RDR1 Mauser Pistol, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $400.00Hellfire
Never an angel's gun; soaked in the blood of your enemies.
Cost: $700.00Richter
A special pistol formerly belonging to a German gunslinger.
Cost: $600.00========== [ SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOLS ] ==========Dutch's Semi-automatic Pistol
You may be unable to fight gravity, but with this pistol you may not need to.
Cost: $375.00Factory Finish Semi-automatic Pistol
Revolutionary new German pistol. Can fire in rapid succession, though it kicks like a mule.
Cost: $210.00Gloria
A pistol named after an old marching song, belonging to a great German musician.
Cost: $537.00Gunslinger Semi-automatic Pistol
Although not one of the most beautiful pistols out there, it sure as hell is one of the most effective. (RDR1 Semi-Automatic Pistol, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $300.00

========== [ M1899 PISTOLS ] ==========

Factory Finish M1899 Pistol
A semi-automatic handgun, the M1899 has good power at short range, and its magazine-loaded ammunition allows for a swift reload.
Cost: $350.00High Power Pistol
This pistol is a gift from one bad man to another. It certainly won't let you down. (RDR1 High Power Pistol.)
Cost: $425.00Sam’s M1899 Pistol
If looks could kill, this pistol’s beauty could clear a gang hideout in seconds.
Cost: $450.00Silver & Bold
A real piece of art for the bold and the brave.
Cost: $450.00

========== [ SAWED-OFF SHOTGUNS ] ==========

Charles’ Sawed-Off Shotgun
Charles Smith's Sawed-Off shotgun, though for a man of his strength they’re practically peashooters.
Cost: $150.00Factory Finish Sawed-Off Shotgun
Compact shotgun. Shorter barrel gives wider spread but cuts down on range. Double tap the trigger to fire both barrels.
Cost: $85.00Gunslinger Sawed-Off Shotgun
A classic feared by all who know the name “John Marston”. (RDR1 Sawed-Off Shotgun, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $150.00Gunter’s Sawed-Off Shotgun
A Sawed-Off Shotgun belonging to the legendary gunfighter Gunter Severloh.
Cost: $105.00Joe’s Sawed-Off Shotgun
A gold-plated sawed-off shotgun belonging to a violent paranoid man.
Cost: $175.00Miss Murphy’s Sawed-Off Shotgun
An old military shotgun, now used as Miss Murphy’s personal weapon, you didn’t get this from me... [NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE MURFREE BROOD]
Cost: $150.00Moonshiner Shotgun
Just holding this thing is liable to give you alcohol poisoning of some sort.
Cost: $325.00O'Malley's Shotgun
A pristine shotgun for an evil man; perfect to blast their leg off and scatter their brains across the soil while they scream.
Cost: $666.00

==================== [ LONGARMS ] ====================

========== [ CARBINE REPEATERS ] ==========Cleet’s Carbine Repeater
A good repeater if you want to just camp and take cheap pot-shots at enemies while your friends do all the actual work.
Cost: $100.00Factory Finish Carbine Repeater
A reliable and popular repeating rifle, the Buck Carbine provides medium power and a decent firing rate, with quick reload speeds thanks to the tube-loaded magazine in the weapon's stock.
Cost: $90.00Golden Carbine Repeater
“This is a fine weapon.” - John Marston
Cost: $750.00Gunslinger Carbine Repeater
Perfect tool for defending your farm from bandits, coyotes, or rabbits. (RDR1 Carbine Repeater)
Cost: $115.00Sadie’s Carbine Repeater
Just holding this rifle gives you a weirdly excessive thirst for blood.
Cost: $150.00Sean’s Carbine Repeater
Seeing triple or not, you’ll be able to hit a good shot or two with this gun.
Cost: $120.00

========== [LANCASTER REPEATERS] ==========

Collector Repeater
A Lancaster with a rare wrap applied to it, definitely a must-have for completionists.
Cost: $400.00Dante's Rifle
We're all dead men, but some stop twitching sooner than others.
Cost: $650.00Factory Finish Lancaster Repeater
Versatile repeating rifle from a long line of lever action weapons. Good power, range and ammunition capacity.
Cost: $135.00Joe’s Lancaster Repeater
Such a beautiful repeater belonging to such an ugly man.
Cost: $150.00John’s Winchester Repeater
Cost: $350.00Gunslinger Winchester Repeater
A popular weapon for many would-be, wannabe, and current gunslingers, it's a gun deserving of its infamy. (RDR1 Winchester Repeater, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $350.00Mercy
Killed a man for snoring, and fifty more for breathing. As tacky as it is deadly.
Cost: $650.00Sam’s Lancaster Repeater
A repeater perfect for midnight strolls into an active firefight.
Cost: $205.00The Oppressor
The perfect tool for any would-be bounty hunter.
Cost: $350.00

========== [ LITCHFIELD REPEATERS ] ==========

Arthur’s Litchfield Repeater
Y’know, I don’t think having gang member signatures all over the stock is a good idea, but it’s not like anyone who gets close enough to read it is going to live long enough to remember any of the names on it.
Cost: $315.00Factory Finish Litchfield Repeater
Despite a slower fire rate and reload speed, the Litchfield excels at medium range combat; perfect when needing to clear an area.
Cost: $145.00Gunslinger Henry Repeater
A very powerful rifle, the weapon of choice for many rebels. (RDR1 Evans Repeater.)
Cost: $175.00Gunter’s Litchfield Repeater
A Litchfield Repeater belonging to the legendary gunfighter Gunter Severloh.
Cost: $350.00Silas' Litchfield Repeater
A slow-firing gun perfect for those who desperately need to pace themselves in combat.
Cost: $205.00========== [ EVANS REPEATERS ] ==========Davey’s Evans Repeater
This repeater may have not been able to save Davey from the pinkertons, but it may be able to save you in a close call or two.
Cost: $500.00Factory Finish Evans Repeater
Very high capacity repeating rifle. Though only medium powered, its unique corkscrew feed makes loading faster.
Cost: $140.00Gunslinger Evans Revolver
A commodity of a repeater in these parts, you’ll probably end up killing all your enemies before even needing to reload. (RDR1 Evans Repeater, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $250.00Javier’s Evans Repeater
An Evans Repeater belonging to a cynic who desperately wanted to be a romantic.
Cost: $500.00Frostbite
You could consider anyone shot by this rifle to be frostbitten.
Cost: $500.00========== [ SPRINGFIELD RIFLES ] ==========Davey’s Springfield Rifle
A mean rifle for a mean man.
Cost: $300.00Factory Finish Springfield Rifle
Indian Wars era military rifle. Powerful and accurate, but slow to fire and only holds a few rounds.
Cost: $120.00Gunslinger Springfield Rifle
A powerful rifle, custom-made to deliver bullets directly to your enemies’ heads. (RDR1 Springfield Rifle, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $150.00Pearson’s Springfield Rifle
An old rifle provided by the U.S. Navy, it’s in notably better condition than his revolver.
Cost: $156.00Ashmaker
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You're gonna burn with the rest of us.
Cost: $450.00

========== [ BOLT ACTION RIFLES ] ==========

Bill’s Bolt Action Rifle
Army-issued Bolt-Action Rifle. Kept in great condition despite the circ*mstances.
Cost: $400.00Factory Finish Bolt Action Rifle
Contemporary military rifle. High powered and very accurate. Bolt-action makes it easier to fire, cycle, and load.
Cost: $180.00Graveyard
A rifle decorated with firm reminders of what its victims will be soon, nothing but dead.
Cost: $500.00Gunslinger Bolt Action Rifle
Great tool for hunting animals, but also great in combat as well. (RDR1 Bolt-Action Rifle, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $375.00Mac’s Bolt Action Rifle
An even meaner rifle for an even meaner man.
Cost:$375.00Skippy’s Bolt Action Rifle
Won in a bet and personalized as her favorite weapon, ..its original owner just wishes it wasn’t promptly given to the fence once another bet was lost.
Cost: $492.00

========== [ VARMINT RIFLES ] ==========

Factory Finish Varmint Rifle
The quick-firing Lancaster Varmint Rifle is designed for hunting small mammals and large birds, using a special low-caliber type of ammunition with reduced damage. However, the large ammo capacity and fast fire rate make this an effective weapon against large groups of enemies.
Cost: $72.00Gunslinger Varmint Rifle
This rifle offers precision and a high rate of fire, perfect for small game hunting and target shooting.
Cost: $108.00Fauna's Varmint Rifle
Who knows why a woman of such high social standing has this in her possession, but you'd rather not find out.
Cost: $100.00Naturalist Rifle
Finally, a way to acquire this special rifle variant without having to risk getting the victorian-era equivalent of pepper sprayed.
Cost: $150.00

========== [ ELEPHANT RIFLES ] ==========

Charles’ Elephant Rifle
A big rifle made to ensure a single shot could kill something fifty times over.
Cost: $620.00Factory Finish Elephant Rifle
The Elephant Gun Rifle from Mühlberg is a marvel of manufacturing and has been likened to holding a cannon, boasting a higher stopping power than nearly every other gun you could carry.
Cost: $580.00Gunslinger Elephant Rifle
This rifle delivers unparalleled stopping power, designed to take down the largest of beasts with a single shot.
Cost: $670.00Stitch
If I end up 'six deep' in the desert, I guess I'll see you in the afterlife.
Cost: $720.00The Knight
The pinnacle of personal defensive technology.
Cost: $700.00
========== [ CARCANO RIFLES ] ==========
Flashy and dangerous, all from a distance.
Cost: $600.00Dakota's Rifle
It’s a good day to die, eh Capitán?
Cost: $700.00Explosive Rifle
Experimental large caliber rifle designed to destroy vehicles. Chambers a very powerful explosive round. [RDR1 Explosive Rifle, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.]
Cost: $5,000.00Factory Finish Carcano Rifle
Bolt-action rifle with a telescopic sight. Powerful and precise. Holds a few rounds in the magazine.
Cost: $190.00Gunslinger Carcano Rifle
A perfect tool for sniping an enemy gang or for killing old friends. [RDR1 Carcano Rifle, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.]
Cost: $225.00Sadie’s Carcano Rifle
Usually Sadie gives this to someone else to have them cover her while she charges in to fight, not necessarily a good idea, but hey.
Cost: $475.00Skip’s Carcano Rifle
A legendary rifle previously owned by a great engineer.
Cost: $600.00Skipper’s Carcano Rifle
Acquired from a dead soldier, and used by its previous owner for many a year, she still hasn’t realized her sister also bet it to the fence.
Cost: $600.00

========== [ ROLLING BLOCK RIFLES ] ==========

Buffalo Rifle
Very high powered hunting rifle. Only holds one bullet, so make every shot count. [RDR1 Buffalo Rifle, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.]
Cost: $450.00

Factory Finish Rolling Block Rifle

The Litchfield Rolling Block is a powerful long scoped rifle, designed for long-range combat. With multiple telescopic sights available in different zoom levels, a sharpshooter can eliminate a target from afar and gain the element of surprise.
Cost: $187.00Gunslinger Rolling Block Rifle
A powerful rifle that excels in turning humans into corpses. [RDR1 Rolling Block Rifle.]
Cost: $211.00Hosea’s Rolling Block Rifle
Whether you’re hunting elephants, giant bears, or even more giant gators, this rifle will ensure whatever you shoot stays dead.
Cost: $311.00Lenny's Rolling Block Rifle
A big gun with a kick for a kid eager to prove himself.
Cost: $250.00Reaper
A definite must for those who wish to be seen as reapers of the west, if tuberculosis or cholera doesn’t put someone six feet under, this gun will.
Cost: $325.00========== [ DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUNS ] ==========Arthur’s Double-Barreled Shotgun
An old souvenir from a gang hideout long-since-massacred, this shotgun is more than capable of clearing hideouts within minutes.
Cost: $185.00Factory Finish Double-Barreled Shotgun
Fires a spread of pellets, making it great for moving targets. Double tap the trigger to fire both barrels.
Cost: $95.00Gunslinger Double-Barreled Shotgun
Two shells, two shots, hopefully two kills. Where this shotgun fails in accuracy it excels in raw brutality. [RDR1 Double-Barreled Shotgun, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.]
Cost: $150.00Joe’s Double-Barreled Shotgun
A loud, obnoxious gun for a silent, obnoxious man.
Cost: $150.00Krampus
Naughty or nice, everyone’s getting two shells for Christmas.
Cost: $325.00Miss Murphy’s Double-Barreled Shotgun
A trusty bar owner’spersonal tool of persuasion, it talks measures once pointed.
Cost: $450.00Sean’s Double-Barreled Shotgun
Nothing feels wrong with this gun, and you didn’t need me to tell you that.
Cost: $150.00Uncle’s Double-Barreled Shotgun
The laziest possible option in terms of firearms, and of course Uncle picks it out.
Cost: $200.00Wrath
10 gauge Whitney, loud as thunder, and can cut a man clean in half.
Cost: $325.00

========== [ SEMI-AUTO SHOTGUNS ] ==========

Factory Finish Semi-auto Shotgun
The Brun Et Fabre Semi-Auto packs both power and speed into one shotgun. Featuring a high rate of fire, quick reloads, and adequate magazine size, this shotgun is perfect for short-range combat against multiple targets.
Cost: $225.00Gunslinger Semi-auto Shotgun
A powerful modern marvel made to maximize efficiency when it comes to murder. (RDR1 Semi-auto Shotgun, cost reflects the price from the original game as well.)
Cost: $250.00Hosea’s Semi-auto Shotgun
Good for hunting birds, great for hunting people.
Cost: $255.00Mac’s Semi-auto Shotgun
If the appearance alone isn’t enough proof of this shotgun being unfriendly, maybe it's barrel being pointed at you is enough evidence.
Cost: $350.00

========== [ REPEATING SHOTGUNS ] ==========

Factory Finish Repeating Shotgun
The Lancaster Repeating Shotgun is a well-rounded gun that uses the same lever-action system commonly found on repeating rifles. The large ammo capacity gives the shooter the luxury of accuracy while maintaining the power ideal for close-quarter encounters.
Cost: $185.00Gunter’s Repeating Shotgun
A repeating shotgun belonging to the legendary gunfighter Gunter Severloh.
Cost: $250.00Gunslinger Repeating Shotgun
This shotgun combines the brute force of a shotgun with the rapid-fire capability of a repeater, perfect for quickly taking down multiple foes in close quarters.
Cost: $280.00Jenny’s Repeating shotgun
A lever-action repeating shotgun formerly belonging to Jenny Kirk.
Cost: $234.00Lenny's Repeating Shotgun
A perfect shotgun for robbing any kind of bank or stagecoach.
Cost: $285.00========== [ PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUNS ] ==========Bill’s Pump-Action Shotgun
In case you get too drunk to aim properly, anything in the general direction you point this thing at will be nothing more than a red mist.
Cost: $230.00Grimshaw’s Pump-Action Shotgun
The best possible tool for enforcing loyalty within your camp.
Cost: $266.00Gunslinger Pump-Action Shotgun
Make the pavement your canvas as you paint people’s brains all over it with this special shotgun. (RDR1 Pump-Action Shotgun.)
Cost: $170.00Factory Finish Pump-Action Shotgun
The high-powered Lancaster Pump Shotgun has a large ammo capacity and quick reload capacities. Despite average accuracy, this gun will hold true should you find yourself confronted by wild beast or man in close combat.
Cost: $148.00Trader Shotgun
A pump-action shotgun with a unique wrap often used by traders to help identify each other. Unfortunately, outlaws caught onto that and now they use it too.
Cost: $300.00Arachnophobia
Spin a web of gore all over the nearest wall with this special pump-action shotgun.
Cost: $350.00========== [ BOWS ] ==========Charles’ Bow
The quietest way to kill someone from far away, worn but absolutely effective.
Cost: $124.00Alligator Bow
Fashioned from the jaws of a gator, this bow is perfect to strike fear into anyone living south of Roanoke Ridge.
Cost: $300.00Factory Finish Bow
A standard wooden bow that can be used with a variety of arrow types.
Cost: $275.00Gunslinger Bow
A silent and versatile weapon, ideal for hunting and stealthy takedowns.
Cost:$300.00Horned Bow
Whether you’re failing to fit in with the Night Folk or failing to fit in with the Skinner Brothers, this bow will at least look very nice as you use it to send arrows directly into the skulls of the aforementioned gangs.
Cost:$300.00Jaguar Bow
Show dominance over the Panthers and other big cats roaming the terrain with this bow made from the hide of one of their brethren.
Cost:$300.00Jaguar Bow
Show dominance over the Panthers and other big cats roaming the terrain with this bow made from the hide of one of their brethren.
Cost:$300.00Wooden Inlay Bow
An old bow formerly belonging to a Wapitian archer, it’s been passed around from person to person until it finally is in your arms.
Cost: $320.00

[ Special thanks to Moth-Man0907, Caper, Apocryth, MaxLuk, André, and Swoopy.You made this mod possible. ]

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