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About KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM

Welcome to KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM, Seattle's premier sports radio station and the ultimate hub for sports enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. Broadcasting live from Seattle, Washington, KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle is the go-to source for comprehensive sports coverage, expert analysis, and engaging sports talk.

As an affiliate of ESPN Radio, KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle leverages a powerful network to deliver a range of sports programming that includes professional analysis, live game broadcasts, and in-depth discussions on all aspects of sports, particularly those that resonate with the Seattle sports scene.

The station is a sports fan's dream, offering extensive coverage of local teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, and Seattle Sounders FC, ensuring fans have the latest news and commentary on their favorite squads. KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle also provides national sports coverage, giving listeners a broad view of the sports world.

Listeners can tune into a variety of shows such as 'Brock and Salk,' 'Bob, Dave and Moore,' and 'The John Clayton Show,' where sports topics are dissected with knowledge and wit. These shows and others on the station feature interviews with athletes and coaches, providing insider perspectives that are invaluable to sports followers.

The station's audience comprises die-hard sports fans and casual listeners alike, all of whom share a passion for sports and an appreciation for informed, entertaining commentary. KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle is known for bringing sports talk to life, capturing the excitement and drama of Seattle's sports scene.

While the station is focused on sports content, it also recognizes the role that sports play in the larger community conversation, including their intersection with cultural and societal issues, though it does not typically feature music or religious programming.

For those seeking dynamic sports talk and comprehensive coverage of both the local and national sports landscapes, KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM is the station to listen to. Whether through the AM frequency, online streaming, or via the ESPN app, KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle connects listeners with the pulse of Seattle sports all day, every day.

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KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM Radio – Listen Live & Stream Online (18)

KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM Radio – Listen Live & Stream Online (19)

KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM

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KIRO - 710 ESPN Seattle 710 AM Radio – Listen Live & Stream Online (2024)


What station is ESPN Radio FM in Seattle? ›

LIVE: ESPN 710 Seattle | ESPN.

How to listen to Seattle Sports Radio? ›

Use either the Seattle Sports app, KIRO Newsradio app, or the official Seahawks app. If you are using the Seahawks app on Android, click the radio icon in the top right corner (next to the refresh button). Swipe left or right to change between the Seattle Sports and KIRO FM streams.

How do I listen to the Seahawks game on the radio? ›

Radio - KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM, AM 770 KTTH, Seattle Sports -

How can I listen to the Mariners live? ›

Seattle Sports 710 AM is the radio home of the Mariners in the Pacific Northwest.

Can you listen to ESPN Radio free? ›

Stream ESPN | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn. Play on with TuneIn Switch. Try our newest feature to get more music, less filler.

What happened to ESPN Radio? ›

On July 28, 2023, amid layoffs occurring across ESPN, Good Karma Brands—an operator of ESPN Radio affiliates in multiple markets that had also acquired the network's New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago flagships in 2021—assumed the day-to-day operations and advertising sales for the ESPN Radio network.

Can I listen to the football game on the radio? ›

Throughout the NFL season and playoffs, SiriusXM is the exclusive third-party audio provider of live play-by-play for every NFL game. Listeners get access to every minute of every game on their SiriusXM radio and on the SiriusXM App, plus exclusive shows and in-depth news and talk 24/7 on SiriusXM NFL Radio (Ch.

How can I listen to the Washington football game on my phone? ›

To stream UW games, you will need to go to or download the iHeartRadio app, and sign up for an iHeartRadio account. When that is complete you will be able to stream live games!

What radio broadcast team is the Seahawks on? ›

710 AM is the only AM radio station the team has ever been affiliated with, although it has been simulcast on various FM radio stations co-owned with KIRO. The current announcers are former Seahawks receiver Steve Raible (who was the team's color commentator from 1982–2003) and former Seahawks linebacker Dave Wyman.

Can I watch the Mariners on my computer? ›

You can watch the Mariners all season long by signing up for Fubo (free trial) which costs $69.99/month in order to watch Mariners games streaming online without cable. If you are out of Fubo free trials, you can also sign up for DirecTV Stream and select the “CHOICE” package (free trial) which costs $89.99/month.

How can I watch the Mariners game for free? ›

WATCH: Mariners vs. Rangers live for FREE with Apple TV+ (free trial), or you can watch on the local ROOT Sports broadcast with Fubo (free trial).

Is ESPN on FM radio? ›

Listen to ESPN Radio, WFAN 66 AM - 101.9 FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the App.

What is the local sports radio in Seattle? ›

Sports Radio 93.3 KJR - Seattle's Local Sports Leader.

Where can I listen to 95.7 the game? ›

Are NFL games on ESPN Radio? ›

Play-by-play broadcasts

As of the 2022 season, ESPN Radio covers Sunday afternoon NFL games nationally, alongside competing networks Sports USA, Compass Media, and Sirius XM.

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