Being a Clear Channel for Love, Light & Joy!

Why write and publish another book? There are so many books to choose from! I am writing this book because thoughts and ideas have come into my mind that express uniquely what we've heard before. Perhaps someone will say, "Aha!" when they hear it said this way. Therefore, I share these thoughts with you.

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We have a responsibility, nay, we have an obligation, to cleanse our bodies and clear our emotions in preparation for the new millennium. This guidebook will assist you in that endeavor.

This book and book-on-tape contain:

The One Life:

Conscious Living:

Be aware each and every moment of how your decisions are affecting those around you, yourself, and the planet, Earth.
Be conscious of how your thoughts, your words, and your energy field affects those around you.
Treat water as a precious resource. Keep it clean. Use it as many times as you can. Don't waste it by letting it just run down the drain.
Treat the trees and plants with respect and gratitude for the oxygen they suppply us. Keep the air clean.
Treat all living creatures with reverence for their life ~ for their unique manifestation of The One Life.
Treat the minerals of the earth and the energy with great care, to produce only what is needed.
Do your own personal growth work and raise your vibrational frequency, thus assisting the evolution of Planet Earth and her creatures and her peoples.

Aspects of Our Being:

At the core of our being there are many aspects, which make us uniquely who we are. Allowing those aspects to have attention and fulfillment in our lives makes our lives go more smoothly.
How do we know what our aspects are? What do you like to do? What is important to you? What roles do you play in life? What are your unique gifts and talents to share with the world? What are your special qualities? What values do you hold? Who were your ancestors? How do you express yourself creatively?
Make a list of all these and see if you are including them in your life. Make a time for creative expression ~ of your gifts and talents. Live joyously!

My Vision

The Blessing Way:

Crystal Chapel of Light Meditation: