Grandmother Twinkle

Inspirational Storyteller

Kathleen Wildwood tells stories to all ages. Using her Celtic harp, she tells "The Three Butterfly Brothers", a German folktale that honors differences; "Itsy Bitsy, the Spider", about fulfilling dreams; "South Pacific Adventure", about friendship across cultural and language barriers and fulfilling a dream of hers; "Twinkle, the Littlest Star", about letting our light shine; and "The Glad Game", about finding something to be glad about in all situations.

In her half-hour program, Kathleen also plays and sings, "The Songs of Life Sing Thru My Heart", an original song, and "The Gift of Song is a Gift of Love" by Patti Ingalls.
Kathleen lives in Weatherford, Texas, in the house her grandfather bought in 1921, where her mother grew up. She can be contacted at e-mail

The fee for her program is $50.